Reece Rayner

Age – 22
Years skating – 10
Favorite trick – Fakie heelflip
Favorite skater – Neen Williams
Favorite band – The Beatles
Favorite food – Chicken and bacon carbonara

Rebecca Aimee Davies

Age – ???
Years skating – 20
Favorite trick – Miller Flip
Favorite skater – Bob Burnquits, Sue Hazel, Neil Dan and Sean Goff
Favorite band – too many to list
Favorite food – Sunday Roast

Josh Hastings

Age – 26
Years skating – 19 years
Favorite trick – Andreact Plants and stuff
Favorite skater – David Gravette
Favorite band – The Devil Makes 3
Favorite food – Mexican Food & Weed

Owen Strachan

Photographer / Skater
Age – 22
Years skating – 10 ish
Favorite trick – Front side grind
Favorite skater – Raven Tershy
Favorite band – New Order
Favorite food – Chicken Dinner


Age – 45
Years skating –
Favorite trick –
Favorite skater –
Favorite band –
Favorite food –

Tony Townsend

Age – 45
Years skating – 34 (on and off)
Favorite trick – Melancholy
Favorite skater – Taz Pappas, Jason Jessee
Favorite band – Minutemen
Favorite food – Fondue or BBQ
I started skating back in 87, loved the scene. I got hooked on the music from the skate videos from back then… Minutemen, Black Flag, Sonic Youth etc. I started if’n Skates in 1993, It wasn’t financially feasible to press boards and make a profit back then (I still have an old press kicking about). In the mid 90’s I promoted and managed bands around the UK. I ended up in a band (Limey LBC) with Greg Ginn of Black Flag and working with SST records when they were in Long Beach in the early 2000’s. I started Pear Shaped Products in 2020 and here we are. I hope you all enjoy our adventure.